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Character Select?

2012-04-22 21:24:41 by HanaSama

So I was playing some random racing games on here and found myself listening to the "choose your car menu" music for like an hour and it was pretty awsome. So inspired a bit I made 2 new loops (technically they're the same loop but a little tweeked).

2012 And still alive *relief*

2012-02-20 04:07:34 by HanaSama

So I kinda know a little more about things......though that's a really general statement, the things I'm starting to know a little bit more about....are PRETTY GENERAL so i'll leave it at that. I told myself my first submission this year would be a full totally awsome new song, but it ended up being my version of someone else's song....yeah go me.

Is it because I'm ugly or what?

2011-12-09 00:11:06 by HanaSama

So i've got a total of 4 songs posted here on Newgrounds. I post them here because I like how you can review people's work, get tips from actual artists, and just listen to some good music. But I have yet to get a SINGLE review from ANYONE! I received one on one of my songs but that was because I wanted to know the name of the original song because I made a remix version and had no idea the name. So that does not count! What's wrong people? Huh? I've got over 100+ listens on ALL of my songs except for the one I posted JUST now. 100 people and no one can comment? And I'm not even mad about that fact, but the fact that 15+ people will comment on a BAD song that has like 50 listens just to say how bad it is; when they can't comment on a, in my opinion, a pretty decent song. It's just messed up.....*sigh* oh well

So other than the ranting I just finished a really old song a started way back when and totally forgot about. It was a much more simpler version than the song that I have posted. I basically started from scratch because all I had to work with was the melody and everything else just popped into my head as I went along. So you should check that out and take a listen. Those 80s Keys is the name of it and well ummm.....yeah.

Also I will be posting up a preview of a new song I'm working on. I came up with it last Saturday and haven't touched it since, but that's not to say I didn't get a good amount accomplished. It's a Drum n bass tune you'd probably hear in a video game. kinda sorta in a way generally speaking sorta may have a paragonx9 kinda feel to it. on;y because it's very catchy. But I've come to realize my beat making skills are pretty....mediocre, but I can make a melody that'll get stuck in your head. this song is a GREAT example of that.

It's pronounced Hahnah Sahmuh (short 4 Hanabishi Sama) Nice to meet you

2011-07-31 22:05:33 by HanaSama

Hey how's it goin, Hana here with a general statement/idea/whatever of what I'm gonna be submitting here at NewGrounds.
I make a lot of trance and drum n bass music so mostly I'll be submitting in those genres. I used to mess around a lot in fl studio but never got real serious with it. I recently got back into making music as a result of playing the impossible game and hearing paragonx9's Chaoz Twilight. So I thank her for the inspiration and helping me, so to speak, get back on my feet and making more music. I'm currently working on a song in FL studio and at the moment its a kinda drum n trance tune so we'll see how it turns out.

8/16/11 UPDATE: I posted a song I sorta remixed that my friend played on the piano, but the weird thing is was that he did not know where he learned or heard the song. So I set out on a quest to find it's origin and luckily a fellow bi standard happened to walk by and noticed the song. So now my "pirate song" is now "The Corpse Bride Piano Duet Remix". Honestly I wanna change the name, but since it's not my original work.....I can not. O well. But anyway I am currently listening to that song and am making a FULL remix of that and it will be D n B so watch out for the soon upload.

8/28/11 UPDATE: Ok so I'm starting to post the songs I am working on but at the moment they are all currently previews and are not completed at the moment. So when I do post the full versions of these songs they may be different in some parts in the previews. So look out for them real soon!

9/3/11 At 1:50 in the morning editing because I cant sleep: So I finally start tweaking around with my original song hysteria, which has been staring at me in the face for 2 months. I decided it's gonna be a long dance mix maybe 4 to 5 min long give or take. At the moment it's just a little loop which I think still sounds pretty catchy and I could listen to just the main melody forever....but hey that's just me. So go on by and leave a review because it's much appreciated. thx -HaNa

It's pronounced Hahnah Sahmuh (short 4 Hanabishi Sama) Nice to meet you